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Tales by Naveen Mysooru


Two hearts in love need no words but a photo.

‘Tales by Naveen Mysooru' started to weave the emotions of wedding through photography from a decade. Here we don’t serve you but we make you to dote on the beautiful moments of your wedding.

Photography narrates the love and companionship of the couple during the wedding.

Love is what happens when two hearts find their happy place right beside each other and decide to bind in the frame of marriage just to make their love stronger and forever. At this moment you need ‘The Wedding Story’.

Planning the details of a wedding is a challenging task. However, we make that tedious task easy when you choose us for your ‘Wedding Photography’.

‘Tales By Naveen Mysooru' do not shoot what it looks like but shoot what it feels like


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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